Testimonials & FAQs



Here is What People are Saying

"This man is extremely talented, kind, and professional.

His work is exquisite and his gentle manner put me at ease. I didn't think it possible for me to be photographed in flattering manner. He worked with me until we had dozens of beautiful pictures- sensual, artistic, and lovely! He has an artistic eye and a gentle touch. I couldn't recommend him higher. Thank you!"



"Ken's gentle style made me feel relaxed and I loved the results." 



"Thanks for doing this for me, I can't wait to try it again. Its like a tattoo I can change over and over."



"I've always wanted to try this kind of thing. It's so cool. Loved it." 


Available Images

  • Flames
  • Flowers
  • Fractals
  • Butterflies
  • Stars and Galaxies
  • Planets
  • Fractured bliss

New images are being created all the time. You can also request something special as well.



Learn how to get the best from your session


What do I get from a session?

Anything you want. Some prefer to have only the digital copies. Some choose large prints framed for display.

I have done Business, boudoir, artistic nudes, fetish... its safe to say I've seen a lot and all body types.

How long does it take?

Session vary based on your needs. You can book a minimum of 30 minutes and increase the time if you want more.

Fine Art Projections

What is Light Projection?

Light projection is not body painting or photoshopped. An image is projected onto your body then photographed. Many images and themes are available. In 2 hours, over 20 projections can be done .

What projection images can I use?

You get to choose. Different images are best for different body types. I strive to find the art in everyone.

What should I bring?

Wear loose clothing to minimize skin impressions, robe. 

Do I have to be nude?

No, but clothing will show up in the shots. If clothing is preferred, try a cat suit or body stocking.

Should I wear makeup?

Its not necessary unless you want to hide blemishes or tattoos, we can help with that.

How will my tattoos show up?

We can incorporate some tattoos. 

As a model, can I trade for prints?

Yes. As the collection grows our need for good models does too. Contact us here to apply.

Can I bring someone with me?

Of course you can. There will be a chair for someone. I don't need any help and someone stumbling in the dark is dangerous so I request that they stay seated.

Will my images ever be published?

Never without your express permission. 

Can I purchase images of your models?

Yes, numbered, signed, mounted and framed pieces. Any size up to 24" x 36".

Can I get smaller prints?

Yes. Smaller prints are available unsigned and unnumbered