Light Becomes A Body

Press Release

Light Becomes A Body is an artistic response to societies body shaming culture and the pain and fear it causes men and women alike.

The technique uses artistic light patterns projected on nudes to highlight areas of a persons physical attributes and decrease emphasis on others.

For the individual, the goal is to help them feel more beautiful and mysterious. To see themselves in an entirely different light. 

The larger goal is to help train the viewers eye to look more closely through the lens of beautiful imagery and gain a new perspective on the subject. The eye is initially attracted to beauty from the first glance and therefore continues to look through that same filter. As the viewer continues to interpret the image, the initial perception guides the mind to keep expecting to see more of the same.

Models are of all shapes and sizes and all have experienced body size, shape or blemish issues. Some from life long issues and some from illness. This collection helps to create a new perspective for all.

Feel free to contact me with any questions. I would love the opportunity to show you how beautiful you are.

Thank you,

Ken Stoneburg - Photographer

Light Becomes a Body