Ken Stoneburg

Ken has lived an eclectic life, holding a camera throughout. From vocal soloist, computer programmer, contractor and most recently, an insurance adjuster, the common thread is his need to understand our collective human experience.

Ken's passion is helping the world be a better place. His mission is something he strives to live every day;

"To create a world of compassion, connection and understanding by admiring, blessing and encouraging others"

Ken's desire to give back to our community manifests through his work with ManKind Project USA, an international NGO that supports each man to become the best man they can be. Compassionate, caring and emotionally intelligent men.

Locally he is part of an affiliated circle of men called Salt City Men's Group which can be found on

Why Projection Photography?

For decades projection photography has been a "thing". Not very common because its very difficult technically and the equipment wasn't there...until now. Ken likes to push boundaries with style, tech and subjects. The goal of the art is to cause the viewer to slowly realize the content of the imagery. 

First the stunning colors and forms, next recognizing there is a familiar shape. Then the mind finds the pattern under the light, fills in the gaps and the "aha" moment happens. 


Ken's passion also transcends common portrait photography with a need to find each individual's fleeting expressions. 

Each session is a conversation between subject and photographer. Each shutter click, an attempt to capture that fleeting expression with humor, kindness and compassion.

Photography allows an individual to examine a moment in time, to feel it and imagine the underlying thoughts revealed. A photo becomes an intimate window that safely allows us to feel humanity's shared experiences.

What could a session with Ken find in you?

Come experience the the natural you you, whether its a portrait or your fun side. Ken has created a safe place to explore what that means to you.

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